Community Speed Watch scheme across Wiltshire

Please find the latest media release from the OPCC below.

Community Speed Watch scheme continues to make roads safer

A total of 112 speeding motorists were fined, issued licence penalty points, or referred to a speed awareness course by the Speed Enforcement team in the first week of January alone.

The team of three Community Speed Enforcement Officers and three Road Safety Officers are out every day at locations across Wiltshire and Swindon, supporting more than 1,000 Community Speed Watch volunteers undertaking sessions to identify speeding motorists. The groups use the latest speed enforcement technology including cameras and speed monitors funded by the Wiltshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

Volunteers, along with Speed Enforcement Officers most recently visited 30mph zones in Stoford, Newton, Wilton and Harnham, where the fastest travelling vehicle was recorded at 57mph at The Avenue in Wilton, with more than half of motorists driving at more than 40mph.

Over all four locations, 91 drivers were offered a speed awareness course, 16 were given a £100 fine and 3 licence penalty points and five will be subject to court recovery.

Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson said: “A critical part of Making Wiltshire Safer is road safety.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our officers and volunteers who make a significant difference to road safety, monitoring traffic speeds and collating key intelligence which leads to the identification of persistent speeding offenders and hotspots for targeted enforcement.

“Over the past two years, our Community Speed Watch teams have conducted 7,715 sessions and over 67,000 letters have been issued by Wiltshire Police to speeding motorists.  This is a wonderful commitment and as you can see from the tickets issued, our volunteers play a key role in improving road safety which is one of my main focuses in my Police and Crime Plan.

“Enforcement is important but so is deterrence and I hope that as our enforcement increases, our residents will be persuaded that it is best to stay within existing speed limits and reduce the potential harm to others.”

During 2022, the Speed Enforcement Officers issued over 2,200 speeding tickets, made 1794 speed awareness course referrals, 23 court referrals and issued 231 fines and points over a total of 130 locations. These figures are set to increase through 2023 as our officers and volunteers continue their great work.

To find out more about becoming a Community Speed Watch volunteer, please see our Community Speed Watch page.

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