11 September 2023

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on October 4, 2023

Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council





Before the meeting, a minute of silence was observed for the passing of former parish councillor, Joan Rumming.  The council sends its deepest condolences to the family.


1  Present:

Chairman Cllr Collis, Vice-Chairman Cllr Rumming, Cllr Henderson, Cllr Drury, Cllr Luce, Cllr Woolford, Cllr Williams, Clerk-Rose Love, Wiltshire Cllr S Bucknell.

One member of the public.

Apologies:  Cllr Strange.



2  To approve the minutes of the last monthly held on Monday, 10 July 2023.

Proposed – Cllr Henderson, Seconded – Cllr Luce.

Resolved:  Approved.



3  To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.




4  Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

See separate document.  Clerk report, September 2023



5    Planning Applications to Consider

a.  PL/2022/09533 – 18-19 Dianmer Close, Hook, SN4 8EB – Amended plans to original application for 3no. 4 bedroom houses and garages with associated drive.

Resolved:  No objection, subject to the condition that the drainage system is put in place before building of homes begins.


b.  PL/2022/05273 – Land at Marsh Farm, SN4 8ER – Amended plans to original application for Class E foodstore, car parking, open space, access, landscaping and associated works (Lidl).

Resolved:  Original objections still stand.


c.  PL/2023/04820 – Land at Clay Pitts, Greenhill – Change of use of land for the stationing of caravans for residential purposes with dayrooms and hardstanding ancillary to that use.



d.  PL/2023/06408 and PL/2023/06434 – Basset Down Farmhouse, SN4 9QP – Proposed open porch and alterations to external doors.

Comments ended 31 August 2023 – no comment from council.


e.  PL/2023/06610 – Homebase Distribution Centre, Lydiard Fields, SN5 8UB – Installation of ten electric vehicle charging stations within the car park.

Comments ended 6 September 2023 – no comment from council.


Applications determined:

f.  12 Dianmer Close, Hook, SN4 8EB – Removal of condition 3 of 18/05716/FUL

Approve with Conditions.




6    Highway/Roadwork/Parish Maintenance to Consider.


a.  Any areas where a dropped curb is needed in the parish, to report to LHFIG for consideration.

Resolved:  Clerk will email Martin Rose with invitation to come to the parish and walk the pavement, looking for areas in need of maintenance or dropped curb.


b.  Possible Zoom or Teams meeting with a Wiltshire Council Flood Resilience Officer to discuss a flood and snow plan for the parish.

Resolved:  Cllrs Collis and Williams will look at templates provided by Wiltshire and Swindon Prepared Community Resilience, then decide if further guidance is needed.


c.  Issues arising for clerk to action: Southern bollard unlit – report to MyWilts; email Martin Cook requesting update on cattle grid replacement.



7    Other Business To Consider.

a.  Council representation at Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council’s Planning Committee meeting on 21 September, concerning Wiltshire Council’s Local Plan.

Resolved:  Clerk will respond to RWB Town Council that 2 to 3 representatives will attend.


b.  Council representation at Northern Area Planning Committee meeting, 13th September, 2pm in Chippenham – concerning Land at Marsh Farm (Lidl).

Resolved:  Wiltshire Cllr Steve Bucknell will represent Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council.



8    Finance To Consider.

 a.  Expenditures:

i.     Andy Brewster – painting of BT phonebox – £360.


Proposed – Cllr Henderson, Seconded – Cllr Woolford.

Resolved:  Approved.


ii.    Netwise yearly maintenance and upgrade – Payment approved at July meeting did not include yearly domain name registration of £20+VAT.  Delegated authority used to correct payment from £528 to £552.

Approved by Cllr Henderson and Cllr Williams.

Payment noted by council.



9    Matters Arising for Next Meeting.

  • Second quarter financial report.
  • Remembrance Sunday
  • Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool – possible donation
  • 2024-2025 budget projects
  • Mileage reimbursement for Cllrs Williams (Community Resilience Day)
  • Permanent change of meeting time (resolution).



Determine date/time of next meeting.

Proposed date – Monday 9 October 2023, 19:15.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 20:16.