12 December 2022 minutes

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on December 27, 2022

Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council





1  Councillors Present: Cllr Collis, Cllr Luce, Cllr Strange, Cllr Drury, Cllr Henderson, Cllr Rumming.

Absent:  Cllr Woolford.


2  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 14 November 2022.

Proposed – Cllr Luce, seconded – Cllr Drury.

Resolved:  Approved


3  To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.



4  Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

See separate document on council website.  Clerk report, Dec 2022


5    Planning Applications to Consider

a.  PL/2022/08523 – 12 Dianmer Close, SN4 8EB – Removal of condition 3 of 18/05716/FUL.

Resolved:  Object – Condition 3 should be enforced for the reasons it was originally put in place – increase in traffic, development in a back garden.


b.  PL/2022/08862 – Old Showroom, SN4 8ES – Proposed car wash and electric vehicle charging facility.                                                                                                                                   Resolved:  Noted, no comment.


Applications determined:

Resolved:  All decision noted by council.

c.  PL/2022/04648 – Wickfield Farm, SN4 8QR – Livestock and fodder storage barn.    Approved with Conditions.


d.  PL/2022/05236 – Church of God, Flaxlands SN4 8DY – Proposed new church meeting hall.    Approved with Conditions.


e.  PL/2022/07740 – 15-16 Old Well House, SN4 9QP – Double storey side extension, new entrance, alterations to door/window configurations.   Approved with Conditions.


f.  PL/2022/03300 – Land adjacent to East End Farm, Brinkworth – Change of use, new vehicle access and stable block.    Refused.


g.  PL/2022/05167 – Bassett Down Golf Course Driving Range, SN4 9QP – Variation of condition 4 of 19/02112/VAR to amend hours of operation of floodlights to be 08:00 – 21:00 Mondays to Saturdays and Bank Holidays, and 08:00 – 19:00 on Sundays.    Approved with Conditions.


h.  PL/2022/07303 – Old Showroom, Coped Hall SN4 8ES – Proposed car wash and EV charging facility.    Withdrawn by Applicant.



6    Highway/Roadwork/Parish Maintenance to Consider.

a.  The council wishes to minute how pleased it was to see Hook Street gritted and cleared from the snow on Sunday morning.



7    Other Business To Consider.

a.  Confirm attendance at WALC Zoom meeting, 18 January 2023, 18:30 – Cllr Henderson confirmed.


b.  Area Board Community Care Group update – should council promote Phoenix Transport Solutions?

Resolved:  Clerk will investigate any associated costs and any restrictions on travel times/days.


c.  Priority Services Register – presentation at future meeting?

Resolved:  Council will invite Scottish & Southern Electricity representative to the Annual Parish Meeting in March 2023 to discuss the details of the service register and help people sign up.  The information pamphlet will be downloaded to the council website.



8    Finance To Consider.

a.  Expenditures: Pre-approved monthly payments only. (Clerk’s salary, Microsoft, Three)


b.  2023/2024 3rd draft budget for setting of precept and draft precept request.

Resolved:  Clerk will make recommended changes to various budget lines, add line for council travel expenses and adjust projected totals (including any new insurance quotes).

Current precept projected at £11,000.  Possible increase before final approval at January 2023 meeting.


c.  Clerk’s annual review – closed to the public.

Clerk to receive hourly pay rise based on Local Government Association agreement.

Proposed – Cllr Henderson, seconded – Cllr Collis.

Resolved:  Approved.



9    Matters Arising for Next Meeting.

  • Final precept approval (due 18 January 2023)
  • Review of Scheme of Delegation.


Determine date/time of next meeting.

09 January 2023, 19:00.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 20:27.



Please note that the council has a new phone number.  07311 396289.  Please use this number going forward.