13 December 2021

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on December 15, 2021




1  Councillors Present: Cllr Collis, Cllr Drury, Cllr Woolford, Cllr Luce, and Cllr Strange.

Apologies: Cllr Henderson, Cllr Rumming.


2  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Monday, 08 November 2021.

Proposed – Cllr Luce, Seconded – Cllr Drury.  

Resolved: Approved.


3  To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.

     Cllr Woolford declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 5.a.


4  Clerk’s Report

  • B4042 works scheduled for 10-13 January 2022, 19.00-06.00.   B4005 CANCELLED.
  • Register of Electors for 2022 has been received.
  • Pothole near east cattle grid (Hook Street) reported – closed next day by MyWilts.
  • No reply yet from Community Heartbeat on using solar panels to power the defibrillator storage unit.
  • Clerk alerted to fly tipping at back entrance to Butterfly World and Biffa – reported to MyWilts.
  • Christmas waste/recycling collections update from Wiltshire Council has been posted online.


  • Jane Vaughn – RWB & Cricklade Area Board Action Plan development survey – funding activities for the youth/elderly.


Planning Applications to Consider

a.  PL/2021/11099 – Midge Hall Farm, SN4 8ER – Change of use of several buildings to commercial units, related parking, demolition of redundant agricultural building.

Resolved: Noted, with comment – Concern about traffic on a single-track road, and the need to keep hedge cut short to increase vision.


b.  PL/2021/11151 – The Old Coach House, SN4 9QP – 1.5 storey extension and 2 storey extension with associated hard landscaping.

Resolved: Noted, no comment.


c.  PL/2021/11190 – Lower Salthrop Farm, SN4 9QW – Permanent retention of asphalt access road to provide access to Lower Salthrop Farm.

Resolved: Noted, no comment.


Highway/Roadwork to Consider

a.  Update on Thames Water main pipes replacement. – From Thames Water – No plans in progress but always monitoring the situation/will plan future work when necessary; leaking water tested as spring water.

Resolved: Clerk to contact Thames Water again, reiterating that the new leak started AFTER the recent mains break, and request a possible meeting with the chairman.


b.  Sealed Traffic Order, Subject to 40mph Speed Limit – A3102, B4005, and Lydiard Fields. The whole of the M4 Junction 16 roundabout development area is now under a 40mph speed limit.


c.  Grit bin request by the public. Wiltshire Council will not increase the number of grit bins due to funding/resources.

Resolved: The council will not pursue purchasing more bins at this time. The public is encouraged to take grit from current bins for use on PUBLIC ROADS ONLY outside their residence, if needed.


7  Other Business to Consider

a.  Adoption of updated Standing Orders. Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Woolford

Resolved: Approved


b.  Adoption of updated Financial Regulations. Proposed – Cllr Woolford, Seconded – Cllr Drury

Resolved: Approved


c.  Adoption of Delegated Authority for the Clerk. Proposed – Cllr Luce, Seconded – Cllr Strange

Resolved: Approved


8  Finance

a.  Expenditures:

i.        Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council (cheque for Unity Trust transfer deposit) – £500

ii.       Michael Page – reimbursement for Remembrance Sunday ‘Order of Service’ printing – £9.75.

iii.      FILCA training for clerk/RFO – £120 + VAT (£144)

Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Woolford.

Resolved: All payments approved.


b.  2022-2023 Budget – second draft. Items were removed and others increased. Increase in precept dis5cussed.

Resolved: Clerk will present final draft in January, with adjusted figures, for approval.


c.  Precept draft 2022/2023.   Current proposal of £10,000. Due 18 January 2022.

Resolved: Final amount will be adjusted, per the adjusted and approved budget, and approved in January 2022.


d.  Unity Trust Bank signatory paperwork. Paperwork signed by those present.



9  Matters arising for next meeting

  • Final 2022/2023 budget proposal.
  • Final 2022/2023 precept proposal.


Date of next meeting will be Monday 10 January 2022 at 19:00.


The meeting closed to the public at 19:47 for council to continue the clerk’s yearly review.

It was discussed to increase the clerk’s hours per week.  Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Woolford.

Resolved: Approved.



R Love – Clerk/RFO