13 May 2024, Annual Meeting of the Council – draft minutes

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on May 13, 2024

Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council





Chairman Cllr Collis, Vice-chairman Cllr Rumming, Cllr Drury, Cllr Luce, Cllr Henderson,

Cllr Williams, Cllr Woolford.

Clerk Rose Love.


One member of the public.


Public Participation:  Members of the public are invited to make representations to the council on matters relating to items on this Agenda (Public Bodies [Admission to Meetings] Act 1960), before the meeting starts (limited to 15 minutes, 3 minutes each speaker).  Every effort will be made to give accurate answers to all questions, but in some cases further research may be necessary.  Please submit your questions or comments to the Clerk by emailing before 9a.m. on the day of the meeting to ensure inclusion.

*There was no public participation.




24.1      Election of Chairman

Proposal of Cllr Collis for Chairman – Cllr Woolford, seconded – Cllr Rumming.  Cllr Collis accepted the proposal and was duly elected as Chairman.



24.2      Election of Vice-Chairman

Proposal of Cllr Rumming for Vice-chairman – Cllr Henderson; seconded – Cllr Luce.  Cllr Rumming accepted the proposal and was duly elected Vice-chairman.



24.3      To RECEIVE and ACCEPT apologies for absence.

The council received apologies from Cllr Strange.



24.4      To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Monday, 8 April 2024.

Proposal to approve the minutes of the last meeting as a true record – Cllr Rumming; seconded – Cllr Drury.

Resolved:  Approved.



24.5      To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.

There were no declarations of interest made.  The clerk reminded councillors to update their Register of Interest on the Wiltshire Council website when information changes.



24.6      Clerk’s Report and Correspondence

See attached document on website.  Clerk report May 2024



All planning documents and decisions can be viewed at:



24.7      PL/2024/03613 (Householder Application) – Purley Farm, North to Oaklands, Braydon SN5 0AN – Proposed rear extensions – single storey and two storey extensions.

Resolved:  Noted, no comment.



24.8      PL/2024/03565 (Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing Use) – Wickfield Farmhouse, Royal Wootton Bassett SN4 8QR – Resubmission continues to be made pursuant to Section 191 as the premises are leased independently and the requirement is to show that this is without complying with condition No 1 to application N/79/0637.

Resolved:  Noted, no comment.



24.9      PL/2024/03494 (Works to Listed Building) – Great Chaddington Farm, Royal Wootton Bassett SN4 8QR – Re-thatching of barn with change in type of straw from Long Wheat to Combed Straw.

Proposal to support the application – Cllr Woolford; seconded – Cllr Rumming.

Resolved:  Approved.



Other Business to Consider

24.10   Adoption of Updated Code of Conduct.

Proposal to adopt updated Code of Conduct – Cllr Williams; seconded – Cllr Rumming.

Resolved:  Approved.



24.11   Adoption of existing Standing Orders.

Proposal by Cllr Henderson to adopt Standing Orders, with the following inclusion under Previous Resolutions:

or the Proper Officer may bring to agenda if new information, unknown during time of previous resolution, is discovered and has financial or legal bearing on the resolution.’

Seconded – Cllr Woolford.

Resolved:  Approved.


*NALC is currently updating its Model Financial Regulations.  The clerk will bring to council for adoption when they are made public.



24.12   Appointment of second registered defibrillator reporter with Webnos.

Resolved:  Cllr Williams volunteered for the position.



24.13  To decide if a member will attend the Wessex Network “Engaging with Local Community” meeting, 16th May 2024.

Resolved:  Council will not attend.



Finance to Consider

24.14   Expenditures:

14.1 – Reimbursement to clerk for April Microsoft 365 payment – £12.36.

14.2 – Invoice from Hulbert & Woodall for APM leaflets – £20.

14.3 – To note Delegated Authority payment of clerk’s April salary (£624) – approved by Cllr Collis and Cllr Rumming.

14.4 – To approve monthly Standing Order payments of clerk’s salary and Microsoft 365 reimbursement for this financial year.

Proposal to approve all items – Cllr Henderson; seconded – Cllr Drury.

Resolved:  Approved.



24.15   Approval of Yearly Bank Reconciliation.

Proposal to approve Yearly Bank Reconciliation – Cllr Williams; seconded – Cllr Woolford.

Resolved:  Approved.



Matters Arising for Next Meeting

  • AGAR
  • Pricing options for replacement bench on village green
  • Change of Queen’s Green Canopy tree purchase from Community Fund to CIL



Determine date/time of next meeting.

Monday 10 June 2024, 19:15.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 20:15.