13 September 2021

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on September 16, 2021



1.  Councillors Present: Cllr Collis, Cllr Drury, Cllr Luce, and Cllr Henderson.  County Cllr Bucknell.


Apologies: Cllr Rumming.

Absent: Cllr Strange, Cllr Woolford.


One member of the public attended.


2.  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Monday, 9th August 2021.

Proposed – Cllr Luce, Seconded – Cllr Henderson.  

Resolved: Approved.


3.  To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.



4.  Clerk’s Report and Correspondence

a.  Remembrance wreath order for November confirmed.

b.  Request to collect roadwork and diversion signs (Flaxlands flooding work) sent to contractor.


a.  Thank you from Wilts & Berks Canal Trust for membership.

b.  Consultation draft on Wiltshire “Climate Strategy.”


5.  Planning Applications to Consider

a.  PL/2021/06810 – Willow Acres, Flaxlands, SN4 8DY – Single storey rear extension. Certificate of Lawful development.

Resolved: Noted.

b.  PL/2021/06952Lower Salthrop Farm, SN4 9QW – Variation of Condition 11 of 16/10370/VAR to extend duration of time to complete previously approved works.

Resolved: Council will comment about residents’ concerns over continued extensions. Needs to be an end date.


6.  Highway/Roadwork to Consider

a.  CATG issue 11-19-08 (Safety at Sally Pussey’s Inn entrance) – Update from CATG meeting: Landlord supports a “No right turn” policy.   CATG official will instigate a signage scheme.

Resolved: Council will wait for word from CATG concerning implementation and timeframe of signage scheme.

b.  Village Green path works – Crapper’s confirmed they can deliver donated materials on proposed day.

Resolved: Work will take place 15 September 2021. Works expected to take a full day.

c.  Missing road signs list – Cllr Henderson gathered a list of road signs around the village that are missing or needing maintenance. A member of the public added to the list.

Resolved: Clerk will report to MyWilts app.

d.  Parish steward visits – Next visit, 29 September 2021: Council has noted improvement to pavement around M4 overpass.

Resolved: Clerk will request continued work on pavement from Coped Hall and into the village, and report overgrowth of path at entrance to The Meadows.


7.  Other Business to Consider

a.  Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

1.  Queen’s Green Canopy: Tree planting in honour of 2022 Jubilee.

Resolved: One tree will be planted on each side of the village hall car park entrance. The village hall will source indigenous trees and bring quotes to the next meeting. The council and village hall committee will split the cost of purchase, planting, and commemorative plaques.

2.  Queen’s Jubilee Beacons

Resolved: Council will consider various options and discuss at October meeting.

b.  Annual Meeting of the Parish – Date confirmed for Wednesday, 6 October, 18:00.

Resolved: Clerk will print 300 flyers for distribution to parishioners and groups/businesses. Chairman and clerk will meet to discuss the agenda.

c.  Proposal for phone box lease – Solicitor provided quote for lease agreement, but recommended a hosting agreement.

Resolved: Clerk will research hosting agreement templates from solicitor recommended source. Continue discussion at October meeting.

d.  Discuss whether to renew Zoom subscription.

Proposal to decline renewal: Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Henderson.

Resolved: Approved.


8.  Finance

a.  Expenditures:

1.  Clerk’s salary – September.

2.  Society of Local Council Clerks membership renewal – £112.                  

3.  Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) yearly charge – £35

Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Henderson.

RESOLVED: All payments approved.

b.  HSBC changes and charges – Discuss possible move to another bank: HSBC is discontinuing current back accounts and instigating monthly and transaction fees with new accounts.  Changes go into effect 1 November 2021. The clerk recommended Unity bank, designed for councils.

Resolved: Clerk will investigate comparisons between HSBC and Unity Bank and present to the council for discussion. Decision to be made at October meeting.


9.  Matters arising for next meeting

a.  Wiltshire Climate Strategy – individual and/or council input.

b.  Continued discussion of Queen’s Green Canopy and Jubilee Beacons.

c.  Hosting agreement for phone box.

d.  Decision on HSBC accounts.



Date of next meeting will be Monday, 11 October 2021 at 19:30.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 20:55.


Website:                           Facebook: @LydiardTregozeParishCouncil.


R. Love – Clerk/RFO