Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting, 24th April 2024

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The Annual Parish Meeting for Lydiard Tregoze will be held on Wednesday, 24th April 2024, in Hook Village Hall at 18:00.


Local government electors for Lydiard Tregoze will be entitled to vote at the public meeting.


The agenda is as follows:


1  Welcome and Report from the Parish Council:

The Chairman will formally welcome everyone to the meeting and present a report detailing Parish Council activities in the last 12+ months.


2  Attendance and apologies (for minutes)


3  Approval of minutes from previous Annual Parish Meeting. (Wednesday, 26 April 2023) APM April 2023


4  Council Issues/Projects for discussion/vote with the Electors

An opportunity for Local Government Electors to debate Parish related issues, ask questions or put forward suggestions.  Topics the Council would like to discuss include:


a.  Should the council/parish join the Community Heartbeat V.E.T.S (emergency telephone system) in regards to the defibrillator? If yes, who would be interested in volunteering to be an emergency contact?  V.E.T.S Systems


b.  Best day/time for Cardiac Arrest Response seminar, based on Village Hall availability and Community Heartbeat scheduling.


c.  Community volunteers for the council’s Emergency Storm/Flood Plan.


d.  Update of Speed Indicator Devices progress.


e.  Considerations on proposed “final” parish map to cover graffiti in bus stop.


– The above topics are not exclusive.  Any topic important to an Elector may be raised and discussed at this time.

– Although this is a public meeting, only Local Government Electors of the Parish are entitled to vote.


5  Clubs, Groups, Businesses (CGBs)

CGBs that attend the Parish Meeting will now have an opportunity to socialise with attending     Electors and discuss what they have to offer the community.  This is meant to be an informal part of the Parish Meeting.

Attending this year: Wilts & Berks Canal Trust, The W.I., Swindon Hydrotherapy Pool, Marsh Farm Manor Care Home, Friends of Lydiard Park, and members of  Hook Village Hall committee.


CGBs will be free to put up display boards and hand out information.



Provisional Date of the Next Annual Parish Meeting

Must be held between 1 March and 1 June, no earlier than 18:00.


 R. Love. Clerk to the Council. 15 April 2024