Annual Meeting of the Council and May 2022 monthly meeting

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on May 15, 2022



1  Election of officers.

a.  Chairman: Vice-chairman Rumming called for nominations. Cllr Woolford proposed Cllr Collis, seconded by Cllr Luce.

Resolved: All in favour. Cllr Collis accepted.

b.  Vice-Chairman: Cllr Collis called for nominations. Cllr Luce proposed Cllr Rumming, seconded by Cllr Woolford.

Resolved: All in favour. Cllr Rumming accepted.


2  Councillors Present/Apologies of Absence.

Present: Cllr Collis, Cllr Luce, Cllr Rumming, Cllr Strange, Cllr Henderson, Cllr Drury, Cllr Woolford.

Apologies: Wiltshire Cllr Bucknell.

One member of the public in attendance.


3  To approve the minutes of the last ACM, held Monday, 10th May 2021.

Proposed – Cllr Rumming, Seconded – Cllr Henderson.

Resolved: Approved.


4  Chairman’s Report.

See separate document  Chairman’s and Clerk’s Report May 2022


5  Approval of Yearly Bank Reconciliation for 2021/2022.

Proposed – Cllr Woolford, Seconded – Cllr Rumming.

Resolved: Approved, but will be signed at next meeting after change of dates and addition of listed Wiltshire Search and Rescue donation.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 19:20.


MINUTES OF LYDIARD TREGOZE PARISH COUNCIL, MONTHLY MEETING, MONDAY, 9 MAY 2022, starting directly after Annual Meeting of the Council at 19:00, HOOK VILLAGE HALL


1  Councillors Present/Apologies for Absence.

Same as ACM.


2  To approve the minutes of the last meeting held on Monday, 4 April 2022.

Proposed – Cllr Henderson, Seconded – Cllr Dury.

Resolved: Approved.


3  To record declarations of interest from members regarding items on the agenda.



4  Clerk’s Report and Correspondence.

See separate document.  Chairman’s and Clerk’s Report May 2022


5  Planning Applications to Consider.

Applications determined:

a.  PL/2021/08450 – Wickfield Farm, SN4 8QR, erection of new hay barn – Approved with Conditions.

b.  PL/2021/06810 – Willow Acres, SN4 8DY, single storey rear extension to dwelling – Withdrawn by Applicant.

c.  PL/2021/10205 and PL/2021/10387 – Basset Down Farmhouse, SN4 9QP, proposed single storey extension to listed building – Approved with Conditions.

d.  Application for a Premises Licence – Live at Lydiard, Park Farm (The Culture Collective Ltd) – Refused.

All decisions noted.


6 Highway/Roadwork/Parish Maintenance to Consider.

Matters arising for clerk to action:

a.  Potholes – side of road beside Hook School, opposite Hook Farm, Swindon exit at Coped hall adjacent to footpath, and dip in road on B4696.

b.  Dianmer Close and Windsor Close – trees sprouting at bottom need trimming for visibility.

c.  Footpath hedge at bungalow between Downsview and Creg-Ny-Baa needs trimming – Cllr Collis will speak to owner.


7  Other Business to Consider.

a.  Jubilee mugs – price for sale

Resolved: £5 for any mugs left over after children receive free mug.

** Please contact the clerk if you have children aged 17 and under to reserve a free Jubilee mug.**

b.  Queen’s Jubilee Tea Party – a subcommittee will meet to finalise food, drink, and decorations.

c.  Decide if council will have an August monthly meeting.

Resolved: There will be NO August meeting.


8 Finance to Consider.

a.  Expenditures:

i.   Reimbursement to clerk: Microsoft 365 monthly fee – £11.28.

ii.  WALC yearly subscription – £211.25.

Proposed – Cllr Drury, Seconded – Cllr Henderson.

Resolved: Approved.


b.  Should clerk investigate a direct debit card for council purchases?

Resolved: Yes, clerk will investigate direct debit/credit card possibilities.


 9 Matters Arising for Next Meeting.

  • Signing yearly bank reconciliation
  • Yearly AGAR
  • Mugs inventory
  • Potential play area in the parish


Date of next meeting:

Monday, 13 June 2022 at 19:00.


With all business concluded, the meeting closed at 20:10.


R Love – Clerk/RFO


Please attend our Jubilee Tea Party, in honour of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Sunday, 5th June from 15:00 – 17:00 in Hook Village Hall.

Children will be able to collect their commemorative mugs at the event.