Annual Parish Meeting, 26th April 2023 – draft minutes

MeetingsMinutes Uploaded on May 23, 2023

Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council




1  Welcome and Report from the Parish Council:

Chairman Robert Collis welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave a brief report detailing parish council activities in the last 12 months.  These included:

  • The council is progressing on installation of community defibrillator and Speed Indicator Devices.
  • Replacement of the west cattle grid on Hook Street should be around the middle of the financial year.
  • Several planning application approvals have led to a large sum of Community Infrastructure Levy monies. Suggestions by the public of potential projects is welcomed.
  • Remembrance Sunday was well attended. This year included the first prayer service since before the pandemic.


2  Attendance

Six councillors and clerk in attendance, Wiltshire Cllr S. Bucknell, SSE Networks representative Melanie Grace, and 7 members of the parish.



3  Approval of minutes from previous Annual Parish Meeting. (Wednesday, 4th May 2022)

Proposed – Cllr Woolford, seconded – Cllr Rumming.

Resolved:  Approved.



4  Council Issues/Projects for discussion/vote with the Electors

a.  A presentation by Scottish and Southern Electricity representatives on the Priority Services Register.

  • The priority service provides aid to those who are in need AND on the register when there is a power cut of more than 3 hours.
  • Registration and Emergency Kit pamphlets were left with the council.
  • Always call 105 for a power cut, from any phone, anywhere in the UK. And/or use the Power Track app.
  • A battery bank/charger bank is recommended as back up for mobile phones.
  • Be aware that the analogue phone system is being turned off permanently in 2025.



b.  Should the parish council fund ‘No Littering’ signs on Flaxlands and Hook Street?

Resolved:  Approval by electors for ‘No Littering’ signs.


c.  Update of Speed Indicator Devices progress, and defibrillator installation.

  • The first part of the extensive survey undertaken by Wiltshire Councillors on SIDs has been completed.
  • Out of the three top recommended devices, the Elan City Evolis is the most prominent.
  • The clerk will await the newest speed survey requests, and continue contact with the various councillors and authorities involved in the purchase and installation of the devices.



Issues brought forward by electors during the meeting:

  • Cattle grid – Wiltshire Highways expects the replacement to occur sometime around the middle of the financial year.
  • Potholes – Repaired potholes are already breaking up. The public is encouraged to continue reporting all potholes on the MyWilts App.
  • Cats eyes on C414 – Clerk will enquire with Highways as to if/when they will be replaced.
  • Potential playpark – The council has found no suitable land for lease or sale.


It was also brought up at the meeting the Village Hall Committee is in need of new members.  The hall faces closure if new members do not replace recently retired members.


5  Clubs, Groups, Businesses (CGBs)

CGBs that attend the Parish Meeting will now have an opportunity to socialise with attending     Electors and discuss what they have to offer the community.  This is meant to be an informal part of the Parish Meeting.




Provisional Date of the Next Annual Parish Meeting

Potential date:  2nd Monday in March 2024, at 18:00 before regular monthly council meeting.



 R. Love. Clerk to the Council