Seeking talented young artists to design anti-litter poster

Seeking talented young artists to design anti-litter poster

Wiltshire Council looking for a talented young artist to help design a new anti-littering poster to be displayed at litter hotspots around the county.

It comes following a suggestions from local communities who are looking for ways to keep their spaces tidy.

The poster will be used to help spread awareness of how littering, including dog waste and fly tipping, can cause damage to our wildlife and environment and encourage everyone to always use a bin, or take their litter home with them if the bin is full.

The competition is open to all primary school children who live or attend a school in the county with the winning poster being displayed across Wiltshire.

I know how much pride residents have in the county’s green spaces. Making sure you put your litter in the bin or take it home with you will help ensure it remains a wonderful space everyone can enjoy.

I am looking forward to seeing the creative ideas our young people have to help spread the message that littering has no place in our beautiful county.

Entries should be on A4 paper and sent to:
County Hall

Or emailed to with your name and school before 5pm on Friday 31 May 2020.