Recycle Collections Will Resume From 21 March

A message from Wiltshire Council:


We’re pleased to confirm that Hills Municipal Collections and GMB Union have reached an agreement, which means the waste collection strike has now concluded with immediate effect, and kerbside recycling collections will resume as normal from Monday 21 March.


In summary, the key information residents need to know is:

  • Recycling collection services will resume from Monday 21 March
  • People are asked to put out their black box and blue lidded bin on their scheduled day from 21 March • If recycling bins are not emptied on their scheduled day people are asked to leave them out, and they will be collected as soon as possible
  • Any additional recycling materials stockpiled during the disruption will be collected. People are asked to put those items in non-black bags or containers (such as a plastic crate) next to their recycling bins
  • Household and garden waste collections continue as normal and people are asked to put those bins out on their normal collection day. There could still be slight delays so people are asked to leave their bins out until collected
  • If people aren’t sure on when their collection day is, they should visit